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Instagram is a competitive place to grow your following, with over 1 billion monthly users. Fortunately, the advancreative team has some tips on how to make your business stand and get more Instagram followers.

Start an IGTV Series

More and more businesses are starting to use Instagram video as the medium increases in popularity. To be successful in the IGTV realm, develop a repetitive style and theme so users know what to expect. Try to think about it from your audience’s point of view and what they want to learn more about. A benefit of IGTV is that you can shoot and edit your own videos without a large budget.

Create Longer Post Captions

Instagram allows you to write long-form captions, which gives your audience the opportunity to learn more about your business, mission, and goals. Sharing information with your audience creates a stronger relationship. Share “behind the scenes” videos or images to engage your followers, old and new.

Think of Your IG Profile as a Homepage

Just like your website homepage, your IG profile is an opportunity to make a first impression on users. Your audience has a short attention span and makes the decision to follow your profile in an instant. Make sure you have an attention-grabbing profile photo, interesting bio, and active stories. Whether you’re using IG stories, videos, or posts, be sure your branding is strong and consistent across all areas.

Utilize Videos

Videos are more popular than ever and audiences are engaging with this type of content on the Instagram platform. Videos also tend to gain more traction on IG feeds, which means the ability to gain more followers. Video is essential to growing your IG following — so don’t skip this important part of your social media strategy.

Share Team Photos

Posting photos of your team “behind the scenes” makes the brand more personable and relatable. People want to know about the hard-working team behind the business, just as much as they want to know about what you have to offer. If you have a team who is willing to go public on social media, ask them to post and share content on your IG account about company culture, future plans, and more. As a bonus, this can also help attract potential new employees if you’re looking.

Promote IG Content on Other Social Media Platforms

If you have a company profile on Instagram, you probably use other social media accounts like Facebook,  LinkedIn, and Twitter also. Share your Instagram page on these additional channels to lead your audience to your IG page. In addition, you can add an Instagram feed to your website in order to promote content there.

Share Content

Using a mobile app such as Repost allows you to repost content on your IG profile from another account, similar to sharing a post on Facebook. This signals to the profile you shared from that you shared their post and it also shows that you’re not all about yourself! The Instagram algorithm actually looks for this and gives preference to profiles that “share the love.”

User-Generated Content

This method requires a little bit of research. It’s a great way to provide content to your followers if you don’t have a lot of original content. To begin, search for a post on Instagram, preferably a high-res photo, and save it to your mobile device or computer. From there, post it on your IG profile and in the description, provide your own original copy, but tag the profile whom you got the photo from.

Communicate With Followers

The Instagram algorithm also gives priority to this. Every time you get a new follower, take a few minutes to follow them back if they align with your brand. You can also send them a direct message thanking them for following you. The simple act of sending a short message shows the algorithm that you’re engaged with your audience.


Don’t get overwhelmed by the task of increasing your IG following. Using the right techniques can easily increase your following. Make sure you’re targeting the right audience, be creative, and have some fun!

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