You may have noticed a change in the way your Google search results appear. Over the past several months, Google has shifted the focus of its search results, now showing ecommerce results in the prime position on the page.

Some searches reveal a filter bar that allows you to filter results by price, color, condition, and a myriad of other filters. These searches show ecommerce results immediately and before other results. Broader searches may not include the filter bar in the results page, but they do reveal organic ecommece results below sponsored items.

That said, some keywords aren’t impacted at all. If you have a specific navigational search, you’ll more than likely end up on a standard results page. Google searches for products or solutions, however, will likely result in several of the first results being ecommerce options.

The best way to deal with this change in Google search is to set up your Google Merchant Center account and offer ecommerce products for sale, even if this is not your primary source of sales. This way, you’ll still get high visibility and credibility on Google’s search page. At advancreative we can help you set up Merchant Center and figure out which products to feature to get the most out of this new development.

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