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B2B Instagram Tips

Need Instagram tips? Have you been considering adding an Instagram presence to your B2B company’s digital marketing strategy? When you and your team take the time to establish connections with the photo-sharing app, you can connect with both current and potential customers like never before. Connect with advancreative for more Instagram tips and see below to learn more.

Focus on Authenticity

Using stock photos can be a convenient way to establish a social media presence quickly. However, you and your team will need to keep the focus on real-time content to truly establish an authentic voice. In all, you should use your Instagram account as a lens through which current and potential customers can view your company culture and learn about the personalities behind your brand.

You can add a human element to your brand through real-time videos on Instagram Live or short video posts. These unfiltered posts add value to your brand and establish genuine connections, as a result. When you highlight the real people and the real stories that fuel your brand, you set your brand apart from your competition.

Keep the Variety Going

Instagram has become notable for providing the convenience of posting a wide variety of pictures and videos directly from smartphones. Users simply open the app, tap the add icon, and choose photos and videos from their libraries for publishing. It really is that simple!

The convenience of posting videos and pictures so quickly and easily minimizes the time users spend editing content before publishing. As a result, app users can maintain authenticity across an Instagram presence. When you combine different types of content, you attract a diverse set of audiences as you highlight different facets of your brand.

While it may be convenient to customize and schedule content ahead of time, you should not rely solely on that content to boost your brand. It is critical to incorporate daily content that paints a true picture of your team and your brand. Did someone in the office do something to get everyone laughing? Find a way to incorporate the moment on social media.

Engage with Your Audience

Of all Instagram tips, this one may be the most critical. Just as it is important to post original content regularly, it is also critical to engage with other Instagram users. In fact, Instagram’s algorithm accounts for users’ interactions with other profiles to determine rankings in the Instagram feed. Overall, engagement builds value and indicates to the Instagram algorithm that your profile should rank higher in the feed than profiles that do not engage as often. With this in mind, it is important to reply to commenters with real responses, not just an emoji!

Try to stick to a minimum of 3 to 4 words. This indicates that your profile is not a bot, but a legitimate Instagram account with something to share. It can often be helpful to consult other accounts from brands in your industry. Like their posts, comment and participate in conversations. When you engage with other Instagram users, you are not only likely to receive responses to comments, but also likely to get follows and shares.

Be Mindful of Your Links

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Your Instagram bio is the perfect spot to link to websites or other profiles. You can use the space to link to your main website page, your newest blog post, or a link service like Linktree. Linktree allows you to customize a single link that links to a page with your branding and a list of links for your readers’ use.

Instagram Stories can be useful for linking away from the Instagram app. However, such content only lasts for 24 hours before disappearing.

Maintain a Storytelling Approach

Keeping a storytelling focus is critical to constructing an authentic presence on the Instagram app. Maintaining this emphasis will attract more people to your brand and lead them to engage with your profile. When there is a genuine story behind your content, you have the power to elevate your business by setting your profile apart. Overall, keeping this focus allows you to stand out among your competition.

Using Instagram Stories is an especially effective way to get your brand’s story out there. You can use video or multiple pictures to construct a content montage for your followers to view. An Instagram Story can create connections between you and your audience and provide a visual experience.

Search for True Engagement

While you and your team definitely want to see your like and follower counts rise, these metrics do not provide a clear indication of your brand’s reach in your field. However, it is critical to look for proof of true engagement, such as comments and shares. These two metrics provide a clearer indication of how well a brand is doing on the Instagram platform.

While Instagram has been popular among B2C brands, it has grown to become a useful tool for B2B businesses as well. When utilized correctly, it will offer your business great potential and growth. If you want to strengthen connections with existing customers and form relationships with new ones, then Instagram could provide the ideal solution for your brand.

For Instagram tips, logo design expertise and more, you can count on the marketers and designers from advancreative.


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