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In today’s world, you can find just about any information on Google; from addresses to products, to websites, even finding the best local restaurants. Google searches may include typing one or two words in the search bar, which are known as short-tail keywords. Longer phrases of three or more words are known as long tail keywords.

The Importance of Long Tail Keywords

It’s not always best to focus on short tail keywords for your SEO strategy. For some clients, it makes the most sense to focus on more long tail keywords initially, since the intent is clearer and competition seems to be lower.

6 Benefits of Using Long Tail Keywords In Your SEO Strategy:

Low Competition | Be Specific | Target The User | Use Interrogative Words | The Position Zero Opportunity | Success in Shorter Time

Low Competition

Using more words in your search allows you to be more specific, which means the search volume for that detailed combination of words is lower. Since the search volume is lower, the number of matching results will be lower, therefore getting you exactly what you were looking for, faster.

Be Specific

Longer search phrases allow the user to give more details as to what exactly they are searching for. This allows for a more efficient search, without the user having to look through hundreds of results. For example, someone searching “handbags” vs “Kate Spade handbags” could have the same intent, but the latter is more evident as to exactly what the user is searching for, which leads to more accurate results.

Target the User

Long tail keyword searches make it easier to comprehend what the user is searching for, compared to short tail keywords. In fact, a few extra words can make a user’s goal(s) clearer, which helps you target them easier.

Using Interrogative Words

Long tail keywords can include interrogative words, which can be used in a blog. You can get more traffic on your blog by developing strategies that use interrogative phrases, such as “how to change your oil.” Use keywords that your users would likely be searching for to develop blog posts with questioning words like “how-to” or “what is.”

The Position Zero Opportunity

Position zero is the information Google displays at the very top of the search results. This can also be called the featured snippet. It is a snippet of content that directly answers a search query.

Using interrogative words as we explained above can help get your website to position zero. Including lists or tables on your pages can also help you achieve this. By targeting these long tail keywords on your website, you are also pushing your competitors lower in the search results, bringing you more traffic.

Success in A Shorter Time

While long tail keywords do have lower search volume, they also come with less competition. If your website is only focusing on queries with high search volume, the amount of time it will take for your website to be rewarded and recognized by Google will be much longer, due to the amount of competition. But when you target long tail queries, there is less competition, which can help you be successful much faster.

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Building a website with a strong SEO foundation can help you climb the search rankings and increase your business and leads, but it’s an ongoing process that requires knowledge and skill. If you’re ready to optimize your website, but aren’t sure where to start, contact the digital marketing experts at advancreative today.

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