What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising can be beneficial to your business, whether you keep production in-house or partner with a local website design company. PPC is an Internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. This model allows you to essentially pay for your clicks, as opposed to earning them organically. There are several types of PPC ads, but the paid search ad is one of the most popular types. These ads appear when a user searches using a search engine, like Google or Bing, especially if they are looking to buy a product (i.e., “Restaurant near me”). Other types of PPC advertising include remarketing and display advertising.

If you’re currently looking to draw more customers to your business, PPC advertising could be the right avenue for you. A PPC Campaign can increase your website traffic and improve your online presence. If you’ve been hesitant about hiring an SEO Company to implement your PPC campaign, the benefits listed below may change your mind.

1. Targeted Advertisement

PPC advertising allows you to target a particular demographic by using specific keywords in your campaign. You can target keywords similar to organic search, but with PPC, you have access to advanced targeting options. PPC offers the ability to target users based on behaviors and interest, which leads to a higher level of precision than organic search. With PPC, you can reach people who aren’t already in your audience, as well as those who are already familiar with your brand.

2. Increase in Website Traffic

Users are already looking for a solution to a problem when they come to a search engine. Because of this, you can provide that solution and pull traffic to your website. Search engine traffic is quality traffic – the user is already interested in your products and services. As a bonus, PPC traffic is more likely to convert, which means you are positioning your business for an increase in ROI.

3. Increase Sales

If a user is already searching for your product or service, they are more likely to make a purchase. PPC advertising is highly targeted, which increases your chances of converting a visitor to a customer. In fact, PPC advertising can increase your revenue, sales, and leads.

4. Measurable ROI

If you want to implement PPC advertising in order to grow your business, you’ll of course want to be aware of how much PPC costs versus what you get in return. With PPC, you can know exactly what you are getting out of each ad and campaign. All you need to do is compare the number of impressions and clicks with the sales and revenue. If you’re outsourcing your PPC advertising, make sure you’re working with a reputable SEO company that is transparent, offering consistent updates on the success of your campaign.

5. Only Pay for Clicks 

What’s great about Pay-Per-Click advertising is that it is literally what is sounds like. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, which increases your costs savings.

6. Easy to Produce

PPC advertising is not difficult to produce. Whether you’re looking to produce ads in-house, or outsource a web design company, ads can be produced and updated quickly.

7. Schedule Ads

When scheduling your PPC ads, look for days and timeframes that will bring you the highest ROI. You can feel confident in knowing that your ads are targeting your specific demographic at the right day and time.

Investing in paid search marketing can help you reap the benefits of PPC and grow your business. If you don’t invest in search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing, you are missing out on potential clicks, leads, and sales! Plus, your competitors are likely already using this form of marketing.

Work with the advancreative digital marketing experts to develop a PPC campaign tailored to your business that will help you outperform the competition. More and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of PPC to reach new audiences and increase revenue, shouldn’t you?

To learn more about how we can help you develop a digital marketing plan or PPC campaign, or to schedule a consultation, contact advancreative at 330.688.1324. Or submit your questions using our contact form.

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