You love your dog. But bringing your dog to the office is a big responsibility. You want them to be on their best behavior so that everyone else on your team falls in love with them too.

Follow these simple steps so your pooch learns to sit on command.

1. Hold a treat close to their nose, allowing them to smell it.
2. Slowly raise the treat above their head and slightly back, so their natural response is to sit.
3. As their bottom touches the ground, say “sit” in a clear and upbeat tone.
4. Once they’re sitting, immediately give them the treat and offer praise.
5. Practice this several times, gradually using the treat less and relying more on the verbal command.
6. Repeat the training in various locations to generalize the behavior.

Once your furry friend is sitting on command, they will seem like the picture of obedience and your colleagues will be delighted to spend eight hours in their presence. And what could be better than that?

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