5 Stunning Industrial Website Design Examples to Inspire You in 2023

Are you looking for top industrial website design for your company? It’s not always easy to find a web design company that can take on this task. After all, industrial sites require technical understanding, and an ability to showcase services and products in an engaging manner.

For more than 2 decades, ADVAN has helped industrial companies redesign their websites using our technical expertise. But don’t just take it from us.

Let’s take a look at five best industrial website design examples. 

#1 Brookfield Wire

Brookfield Industrial website design

Brookfield Wire is a leading provider of cold drawn stainless steel, nickel, and nickel alloy wire. Unlike many of their industry competitors, Brookfield gives their customers savings on bulk wire, so when you buy more up front you save in the long run.

In order to give Brookfield a top industrial website design, we had to choose a color palette that helped showcase Brookfield as an industry leader. We also found unique ways to incorporate photos of their wire and their manufacturing facility. After all, the reason their products are so popular is because of the integrity of their manufacturing process. By incorporating these types of photos, we were able to show the various components that make up Brookfield Wire.

Since the website launch, this site has performed as one of the best industrial design websites among our clients. As we’ve continued to monitor and maintain the site, Brookfield has seen leads like never before.

#2 Jaco Products

Jaco Industrial website design

Jaco Products is a top supplier of thermal plastic injection molding services, plastic machining, and plastic stamping. When designing this website, we had to creatively think of ways to make Jaco stand out as one of the best industrial website design examples in the industry.

We used a balance of bold colors and photos of their products to keep the site engaging. Because Jaco Products has such a wide range of capabilities, we used product photos to demonstrate the intricacies of their ability. This, combined with expertly placed calls to action and technical writing, made Jaco Products one of the best industrial design websites.

#3 NMG Aerospace

NMG Industrial website design

NMG Aerospace provides machining services to the aerospace industry in Northeast Ohio. Their business is a family-owned operation on a mission to provide the best in aerospace manufacturing.

To make an industrial website that showcased their expertise, we used bold colors for NMG. We made their experience well known as well by featuring the year they opened, 1967, right on the homepage. We also included an engaging video that demonstrates the range of technical manufacturing capabilities NMG Aerospace has. Thanks to a combination of careful design and multimedia, this site is one of the best industrial website design examples.

#4 Halo Metal Prep

Halo Industrial website design

Halo Metal Prep has more than 30 years of experience in metal finishing. Not only are they ISO Compliant, but their staff offers a range of services, from shot peening to die polishing.

Because the material they work with is sleek and dark, we wanted the Halo Metal Prep website to look the same. We used dark colors, sleek photos, and technical writing that conveyed a sharp sense of understanding. We also ensured that the user experience on this website was easy to follow, and customers could find their way to the right page within a few clicks. This is a perfect example of one of the top industrial design websites that draws in new leads and grows business like never before.

#5 J&O Plastics

J&O Industrial website design

J&O Plastics is an industry pioneer in the field of injection molding. This team developed a proprietary process to injection mold straight PET plastic, which created a beautiful, clear plastic product.

Because their plastic product is so outstanding, we wanted to showcase it right away. We utilized images on the homepage that would make a visitor pause, and look again. This clear plastic is a combination of precision and high standards, and we ensured the website sent that message. Not only did we make this website an optimal desktop experience, but we made sure it was easy across mobile devices as well. That’s what positions J&O Plastics as one of the best industrial website design examples.

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