An innovative business card can make you stand out from the pack. Sure, we live in a digital world. But that doesn’t mean handing out a physical business card is a dead art. Finding a physical card in their wallet the day after a networking event can help you stay in a potential customer’s mind.

Your business card is also a chance for you to make a first impression and let the other person know what you’re all about. Follow the tips below to make your business card the most memorable one in the pile.

  1. Keep it Simple – While it’s important to have your contact information on your business card, you don’t want to pack it so full of information that the person you hand it to gets overwhelmed. Keep it simple and include branding elements as well as one key message you’d like to get across. Remember – you’re handing out a business card as a reminder of what you do, not to tell the whole story.
  2. Network Responsibly – Do NOT use your personal social media accounts on your business cards. Only include social networking handles if they’re professional.
  3. Keep it Classy – Be sure you keep your business cards in a safe place so that they don’t get crumpled or smudged throughout the day. Remember, this is your chance at a first impression, so don’t mess it up by stepping off on the wrong foot.
  4. Design Specifically – Think about all the different types of clients you deal with. Now why would you design just one business card for all of them? You need to think about each one specifically. What type of industry are they in? Design a business card tailored to each client to keep things unique.
  5. Reinforce Branding – Use your brand colors and logo on your business card. This is not the place to try out new fonts or colors. Keep things consistent with your other marketing materials in order to achieve brand recognition.
  6. Keep it Legible – No need for fancy fonts here. Business cards should be easy to read at a glance, with information clearly displayed.
  7. Go Professional – When printing business cards, go professional. Choose a top-of-the-line printer and stock in order to achieve the most professional business cards possible. While the cost may be higher, the results will be well worth it.
  8. Be Original – Make sure your business card speaks to your business or the company you are designing for. The design should be memorable and original in order to stand out among a sea of other business cards.

Whether you’re looking to implement a new logo, letterhead, or business card, ADVAN is here to help. Our professional marketing materials can help you stand out from the crowd and make sure your business card doesn’t just get thrown in the trash bin months down the line. Want to learn more about our branding and logo design services? Contact us today.

In a hurry? Check out our 24-hour design services.

Logo Design | Advertising | Web Design | Sales Collateral | Packaging Design | How ADVAN Can Help

Graphic design is crucial to visually communicate your product or service’s features, benefits, and USP (unique selling proposition). To create a cohesive brand and improve customer recognition, you need to carry the same look and feel across all marketing materials. Learn how to successfully convey your brand messaging so that customers fully understand why they should choose your business over the competition.

Logo Design

A modern and simple logo design establishes your company’s credibility and creates brand recognition across your marketing materials. A logo is how you represent your brand, so it’s important to work with professional graphic designers who understand elements like font choice and color theory. Your logo will likely appear on all marketing materials, so make sure it’s professional and something you’re proud to share!


Be sure your ad has attention-grabbing imagery, strong graphic elements, and at least one call-to-action. Work with an experienced graphic designer or agency to be sure you receive a professional and expertly crafted advertisement.

Website Design

A website is your #1 marketing tool and will be the first place many people experience your brand. Your website should be used to funnel prospects through to the main call-to-action, like calling you or submitting a contact form. Consider functionality items like page load time, image optimization, and overall speed. A clean, modern website design, as well as an exceptional user experience, can position you ahead of the competition and increase the number of leads you receive.

Sales Collateral

Brochures, sell sheets, and catalogs don't have to be boring. There are many things you can do to make print collateral exciting, from using innovative folding to trying new print materials. Fun infographics, icons, and an engaging copy can make your print collateral stand out.

Packaging Design

Consumers gravitate toward product packaging that is uniquely designed to grab their attention. Your packaging should be developed by professional graphic designers that understand the importance of branding and all visual elements. Use packaging to convince shoppers that they can't leave the store without buying your product!

How ADVAN Can Help

With 25+ years' experience in a wide range of design products and styles, the ADVAN team will create engaging designs that make an impact. With affordable rates and 24-hour design service available, we can help you meet your business goals. To learn more about quick turnaround designs from our agency-level graphic designers, visit

Logos & Business Cards | Brand Consistency Across Multiple Platforms | ADVAN Branding Services

Effective logo design can have a positive effect on a brand. Differentiating your brand from others and communicating the benefits through the design of your logo is critical to your business's survival. An eye-catching logo can make your products or services stand out amongst the competition. You only get one chance at a first impression, and your logo is one of the first things potential customers or clients will see.

The best logos are simple, legible, and consistent with your other branding materials. Before you start your own logo design, research the competition to find out what they're doing. Take into account compelling colors and easily identifiable imagery to give your business an edge in the never-ending sea of logos.

Logos and Business Cards

Business cards represent your company. The quality of the logo design, print design, and card stock selection will leave a lasting impression on each customer or prospect. The overall design and material selection will determine if your business card stands out among the competition.

Your business card design should be clean and simple, yet include everything you want to be known for. When it comes to marketing and brand awareness, business cards are a simple, low-cost investment.

Brand Consistency Across Multiple Platforms

Brand consistency across all of your marketing materials is extremely important because it creates trust with current customers and upholds a professional appearance for new customers. Keeping your branding consistent helps customers and prospects identify and connect with your brand.

Along with consistency, your branding should be relevant across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each of these platforms was created for different audiences, so you should make sure your messaging is different for and relevant to each.

ADVAN Branding Services

The experienced and talented graphic designers at ADVAN can design a logo, business card, or website that defines your company in your industry. Whether you are developing a strong brand for future franchising opportunities or relaunching your company, we can develop a look that transforms your vision into a power brand. So contact us today!

Youtube | Crello | Canva | Preview App | VSCO App | Lightroom Mobile | Hootsuite | Buffer | Creator Studio | Fastory | Captiona | Storyheap | Story Slicer | ADVAN Social Media Management

At ADVAN, we understand that the digital world is always evolving. It’s important to stay on top of trends if you want to remain relevant. While you may be wearing many hats as a marketer, these free apps can help make your job easier.


YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world with more than 1.8 billion monthly users. You can share videos, music, and live streaming content across the Internet with YouTube. You can also optimize your YouTube videos to increase viewers, subscribers, and improve your video rankings.


Looking to create beautiful images and animations for free? Crello offers pre-made templates for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.


Canva is a platform where you can create posters, flyers, logos, and more – all for free. There are also templates that are easy to edit and make your own. It’s fun and free, so go download it now!

Preview App

Preview is an Instagram app used for rearranging images prior to posting them to a feed. That way, you can see what your feed layout will look like when a user visits your account, prior to posting.


VSCO is a photo editing app that includes presets and filters. It’s free, but you can subscribe for $19.99 to gain access to more than 130 filters.

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is an Adobe app that allows you to make your Instagram photos look professional. The good news is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use the app – and it’s free!


Hootsuite has remained popular over the past few years for a reason. The platform makes it easy for you to schedule posts to all of your social media channels. You can also manage more than one account – all for free!


Buffer has fewer features than Hootsuite but also allows you to post to your social media accounts, engage with your audience, and view analytics.

Creator Studio

Creator Studio allows you to manage your Facebook and Instagram posts all in one place. Utilize this free app to measure, monitor, and track your content and analytics.


Create branded content for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook stories. You can also create games, quizzes, surveys, videos, and more!


Add captions to your Instagram and Snapchat posts with Captiona. Not feeling creative? Just enter keywords that describe your image and Captiona will generate related captions.


Want to view your Instagram and Snapchat analytics in one central place? Create a dashboard with Storyheap and view engagement metrics all in one place. Plus, you can create and edit stories right on the dashboard too.

Story Slicer

Story Slicer lets you edit videos for Instagram, Whatsapp, or Facebook. Edit the size of an existing video or shoot directly on Story Slicer. As a bonus, there’s no watermark on the videos to distract users.

ADVAN Social Media Management

ADVAN's social media marketers are always up on the trends. If you're looking for more ideas for your social media strategy, contact our team of social media experts today!

Encourage Employees to Share | Keep Employees Informed | Support Team Engagement | Make it Easy

Are you wondering how to get your employees more engaged? You are not alone! The ADVAN team shares some ways to encourage your employees to share LinkedIn content below.

Why Encourage Employees to Share?

Employees and companies alike can benefit from getting involved with LinkedIn marketing. It allows you to expand your reach and engagement with customers and prospects on LinkedIn. Statistics show that people are 8 times more likely to engage with content shared by an employee than by a brand or company.

Keep Employees Informed

Encourage your team to like, comment on, and share your LinkedIn posts to increase engagement. And while you’re at it, be sure to reiterate how effective these engagements can be. Share your social media goals to get everyone on board. Let them know how many followers your company page currently has, how many employees have shared/liked/commented, and how many connections all employees have collectively.

Here are a few ways you can support your team to increase engagement.

Activate Linkedin Employee Notifications | Utilize Teammate Features | Work With Employee Content | Return The Favor


There is a LinkedIn feature that allows you to let your employees know when a company page updated has been made. The employee must be linked to your company page from their profile in order to receive a notification. When you post an update, just click the “Notify Employees” button to let them know.


Similar to activating the Employee Notifications, anyone you want to add as a teammate must have linked to your company page from their profile. This is a feature that LinkedIn just rolled out and will be making updates to in the future. The Teammate feature will allow employees to see LinkedIn updates from current team members. You can implement notifications such as birthdays, work anniversaries, shares, posts, and more.

It’s important to note that any teammate who no longer works for your company will be removed from your current teammates.


In order for your company page to reflect your culture, you’ll need help from your employees. It’s a good idea to implement an internal process for collecting this type of content. Share your social media strategy with your team so that everyone is on the same page as far as your goals. Be sure to share your LinkedIn performance metrics with your team as well to encourage them to keep submitting content.


Support your team members in return by helping them create their own content for LinkedIn, by creating posts that can be shared by teammates.

While some employees may use social media on a regular basis, others may be novices. To start, ask your employees some of these questions:

  • What recent industry news can you share?
  • What event(s) do you have on your upcoming calendar?
  • What are you inspired by?

Also, be sure to provide “how-to” documentation for posting on LinkedIn, as some employees may be newer to it than others.

Make it Easy for Your Employees

The easier you make it for your employees to support your LinkedIn initiatives, the better. By getting your team involved in not only your social media marketing plan but also your overall goals, as well as metrics, you’re creating reasons for them to invest in your company.

Looking for additional methods for increasing your LinkedIn engagement? Contact ADVAN’s social media marketing experts today!

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Technology has changed the way businesses operate in our world today, and large businesses are not the only ones who can benefit. When small businesses get started, they are focused on getting customers. While traditional advertising has its place and can be effective, there’s an easier way. Small business owners should consider the pool of prospects available to them online.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Let’s face it – we live in a digital world. Technology has made information more accessible, and users are searching online every day, multiple times a day. But why wait for a customer to find you on the internet when you could reach out and find them first? Digital marketing allows you to be found and to find your target customers.

Other benefits of digital marketing include:

  • The ability to reach prospects globally
  • Can be more cost-effective than traditional marketing
  • The ability to interact with your prospects
  • Provides measurable results
  • Can increase revenue
  • Improves brand reputation/recognition

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

All businesses, no matter the size, can benefit from investing in digital marketing. Digital marketing can be done on just about any budget and is scalable as your business grows. Here are some reasons why digital marketing is crucial for small businesses:

  1. It can help you build lasting consumer relationships. – Digital marketing doesn’t stop at the checkout. It has the power to turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Build trust by using digital testimonials from happy customers, to build trust with prospective customers. Engaging with customers on social media can help them keep your brand in mind the next time they are searching for your products or services.
  2. It can help you compete with large businesses. – You don’t need expensive tools or huge budgets to achieve your growth or profit goals. Knowing your target audience will go a long way when it comes to digital marketing. And digital marketing aimed at those audiences can be more effective big marketing budgets.
  3. You can optimize your budget. – Digital marketing is more efficient than traditional marketing, due to its targeting capabilities. Instead of randomly distributing information, you are selectively targeting who hears your message. This allows you to optimize your budget and brings the added bonus of being trackable.
  4. Consumers can find you. – When your customers are looking for something, they’ll most likely start by searching on Google. If you don’t have a presence online, potential customers won’t be able to find your business and will most likely go to a competitor. Start with a Google My Business listing to allow your business to be found.
  5. It builds trust. – Have you ever searched for a company on the internet only to find that they don’t have a website? Just having an online presence makes businesses appear more trustworthy. And the best part is that any small business can take advantage of the opportunity to engage customers online.

What’s stopping you from implementing a digital marketing plan for your small business? Even if you have a smaller budget, the possibilities are endless. Start with something small, like building your Google My Business page, and you’ll see the impact that digital marketing could have on your business. Still have questions? Contact ADVAN’s digital marketing experts today to learn how you could start seeing amazing results.

Grow your Business and Brand with ADVAN Social Media Marketing

Social Media Research | Social Media Branding | Social Media Targeting and Remarketing | Monthly Analysis

Choosing ADVAN as your social media marketing partner means you'll have access to a team of digital marketing experts. With over 25-years of experience in the industry, we can leverage powerful software applications, analytical data, and influencers to improve your online presence. Our digital marketing experts will analyze the data and develop a strategy to push your brand past the competition.

ADVAN offers two levels of social media management; one where our team develops a social media marketing strategy for your team to implement, and one where we fully manage your social media platform(s). We’ll ensure you’re utilizing social media best practices to get the most from the algorithms.

Social Media Research

Our process begins with a high-level analysis of your current social media footprint. Once our initial, high-level analysis is complete, we'll begin to look in-depth at your current strategy, reach, and engagement. Included in our analysis is the research of your direct competitors as well as hashtag keyword research.

We collect and analyze data from multiple sources and present that data into an easy-to-read format. We then develop a content calendar with what we’re going to post, what day and time we’re going to post it, and what platforms we plan to post on.

Social Media Branding

It's important that you have consistent branding across all platforms, and the ADVAN team can help you get there; from your website to your social media outlets. Cohesive brand messaging has a greater impact on your reach, customer engagement, and conversion rates.

Social Media Targeting and Remarketing

As your audience grows through our social media marketing process, you'll want to keep them engaged so they hopefully return. We'll determine whom to target based on additional research, including analytics of the most successful posts.

Once we've determined what made some posts more successful, we'll take that data and target those specific metrics in order to expand the reach of your business and brand across all platforms.

Monthly Analysis

Monitoring progress and success is key to any social media strategy. You'll receive a monthly social media report from the ADVAN team in an easy-to-read format. The report will detail everything we've posted, the results of those posts, and recommendations for continued success.

What do our social media management services include?

  • Social media account branding
  • Strategy development and planning
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Keyword & hashtag research
  • Consulting and education
  • Competitive market research and analysis

Want to learn more? Contact ADVAN today to elevate your social media marketing strategy and grow your business.

What is Brand Identity?

Your brand identity involves the way your company portrays itself across all platforms. It includes everything from your logo and advertising to your social media and email marketing. 

Why Does Brand Identity Matter?

Your brand identity is vital to your business and your audience can encounter your brand in various places. They might arrive at your website, your social media profile, or your online reviews. That’s why cohesive branding is so important. It ensures consistency across all platforms so that your brand becomes immediately recognizable. A cohesive brand identity allows you to make the right first impression with your audience, increase sales, become more recognizable, and be remembered. Start with a cohesive brand identity early on and save time and effort further down the road.

How to Create a Cohesive Brand Identity

1. Identify Your Audience

Take some time to think about how your brand is perceived right now. Your messaging should be clearly understood by your target audience.

2. Define Your Story

Your brand story is how customers will relate to your brand. Take the time to develop a story that sets you apart from your competitors. Be sure to include your brand story in all of your marketing efforts, including your goals, how it has evolved, key products or services, and your values.

3. Use a Consistent Color Palette

The colors you choose for your branding should complement your logo. Consulting a graphic designer is the best way to ensure consistency across branding elements.

4. Use Complementary Fonts

Choose fonts that are easy to read and will work well across different marketing materials. If you want to change it up, consider using a font family that has matching fonts for different elements.

5. Maintain a Consistent Voice

Define your brand’s voice before you tell your story. If your brand was a person, could you describe its personality to someone in a few words? Once you’ve established a brand voice, develop a content guide with dos and don’ts for your team to refer to while writing content.

Stand Out Among Your Competitors

Using these steps to create a cohesive brand identity will ensure your branding is consistent as possible. Whether you’re developing your brand identity by yourself or with a marketing firm, remember that consistency is the key to branding success. 

You want your brand to stand out among others in your industry. So, tell your story to your customers so they believe in what you’re doing. If they believe in you, they’ll be more likely to buy into what you’re selling. Take control of your brand and how your target audience experiences your business with ADVAN branding services. Contact us today to learn more!

ADVAN is a team of talented designers, SEO experts, and marketing specialists who can help you reach your business goals. We keep a cost-effective focus on marketing and increase the number of quotes in your sales pipeline. 
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